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1 Week Diet Plan For Weight loss: How To Reduce Belly Fat In One Month

As everyone knows, getting rid of belly fat is not easy! People who have ventured on this path know that there is no miracle recipe to burn fat without making any effort. Almost everyone can swear that is impossible to reduce belly fat in one month but the 1 week diet plan for weight loss can make that possible.

Contrary to what most people believe, overweight is not necessarily equal to unhealthy. In fact, there are many overweight people who are in excellent health.

Conversely, many people with normal weight have metabolic problems associated with obesity is because the fat under the skin is actually not a major problem rather it is the fat in the abdominal cavity, the belly fat, that causes the biggest problems.

The line between being obese and having belly fat is well spelled out by the 1-week diet plan for weight loss. It is possible to reduce belly fat in one month if you identify the problem.

Brian Flatt 1 Week Diet PDF free download

If you have a lot of excess fat around your waist, even if you are not very heavy, then you should take some steps to get rid of this. Belly fat is usually estimated by measuring the circumference around your waist. This can easily be done at home with a simple tape measure.

Anything greater than  40 inches (102 cm) in men and 35 inches (88 cm) in women is known as abdominal obesity. There are actually some proven strategies that have shown that target fat in the belly area is more than the ones in the other areas of the body.

Here are 5 ways to reduce belly fat in one month

  • Reduce Belly Fat In One Month – Low Carb diet

First and foremost, the 1 week diet plan recommends Keeping a food diary where you will note everything you eat: the amount of food, the time, etc. By giving as much detail as possible, to help you to have a record of what you consume and to be able to follow the progress made.

reduce belly fat in one month

Many studies have shown that low-carbohydrate diets are more effective in reducing visceral fat than low-fat diets. In an 8-week study of 69 overweight men and women, the 1 week diet plan for weight loss, people on a low-carbohydrate diet lost 10% more visceral fat and 4.4% more total fat than those who did not.

Moreover, the ketogenic diet, which is a very low carbohydrate diet is extremely effective in getting rid of visceral fat.

Ketogenic diets significantly reduce carbohydrate intake and replace them with good fats. This can put you in a natural metabolic state called ketosis.

  • Reduce Belly Fat In One Month -Reducing stress

Stress and anxiety are common problems that affect many people. They can stimulate the adrenal glands of the body and produce cortisol, the stress hormone.

reduce belly fat in one month

Moreover, permanent stress can increase hunger and aggravate the problem. The 1 week diet plan to lose weight, it’s suggested that Women who already have a large waistline tend to produce more cortisol when stressed. However, if you have a hard time getting enough sleep, try yoga or meditation.

  •  . Reduce Belly Fat In One Month -Reduce Sugar Intake

The 1 week meal plan suggests cutting down on Sugar and avoiding processed foods. Sugar is half glucose, half fructose and fructose can only be metabolized by the liver in significant amounts.

When you eat a lot of refined sugar, the liver is overloaded with fructose and is forced to turn everything into fat. The 1 week meal plan shows that excess sugar,  mainly due to large amounts of fructose lead to increased accumulation of fat in the belly.

reduce belly fat in one month

Some think it is the main mechanism behind the harmful effects of sugar on health. It increases belly fat and liver fat, which leads to  resistance  to  insulin  and a host of metabolic problems

Liquid sugar is even worse in this regard. Liquid calories are not “saved” by the brain in the same way as solid calories, so when you drink sugary drinks, you end up eating more calories

The 1 week diet plan to lose weight has come as a saving grace for most people. However, some habits may be a stumbling block in helping you reduce belly fat in one month. Therefore, Make a decision to minimize the amount of sugar in your diet and consider completely eliminating sugary drinks and fruit juice.

Keep in mind that none of this applies to the whole fruit, which are extremely healthy and contains lots of fiber that reduces the negative effects of fructose. The amount of fructose you get from fruits is negligible compared to what you get from a diet high in refined sugar..

  • Reduce Belly Fat In One Month -Exercise regularly

Exercise is important for a variety of reasons. This is among the best things you can do if you want to live a long and healthy life and avoid diseases. Combining every tip in the 1 week diet plan will reduce belly fat in one month but exercise will keep you healthy for a long time.

However, keep in mind that I am not talking about abdominal exercises here. Targeting a specific point (losing fat in one place) is not possible, and doing infinite amounts of crunches will not make you lose belly fat.

reduce belly fat in one month

That being said, other types of exercises can be very effective. Aerobic exercise (such as walking, running, swimming, etc.) has resulted in major reductions in belly fat in many studies

Reduce Belly Fat In One Month -Add more Protein to your diet

Protein is the most important macronutrient when it comes to losing weight. It has been shown to reduce cravings by 60%, boost metabolism by 80 to 100 calories a day and help you consume up to 441 calories a day.

The 1 week diet plan suggests adding protein may be the most effective change you can make to your diet. Not only will it help you lose, but it can also help you avoid weight gain if you decide to give up on your weight loss efforts.

reduce belly fat in one month

The 1 week diet plan contains a number of protein-rich foods such as whole eggs, fish, seafood, legumes, nuts, meat, dairy products, and some whole grains. These are the best sources of protein in the diet.

If you are struggling to get enough protein in your diet, then a quality protein supplement (such as whey protein  ) is a healthy and convenient way to increase your total intake

Brian Flatt's i week diet pdf free download


Brian Flatt 2 Week Diet Pdf Sheds More Light On Why We Get Fat

In most cases, why we get fat is based on what they eat and/or the little exercise they do, which reflects one of the basic rules of thermodynamics. The amount of energy you put into your body subtract the energy you take out has to be stored somewhere, that is FAT.

This formulation does not entirely define obesity since some individuals seem to consume more than fat people and at the same time, exercise no more than these fat people and yet they seem not to be fat.

Other factors must come into play and below, Brian flat 2 week diet gives more details on why we get fat despite going for a 2 weeks diet plan.

  1. Why We Get Fat –Hereditary:

It is has been discovered among individuals that some people are destined to gain weight because they have inherited fat genes from their old fogies. There can be no doubt that individuals change in their genetic makeup and another set of individuals are inclined because of genetic reasons to become tall, or fat, squat or even broad shouldered.

In most cases, fat people inherit it from their families, but that does not mean that they are fat for genetic reasons rather they have learned fat making behaviors. Like for example, eating habits, from their old fogies when they were growing up.

2. Why We Get Fat – Diet

It is in the law of thermodynamics. The amount of energy that goes into the human body has to balance with the amount that goes out or probably the additional energy that goes in has to be stored somehow.

Overweight mature man with pizza in one hand and a beer in the other

Therefore, for everybody, no matter what that individual’s genetic vulnerability, either reducing the amount of food or increasing the energy output will reduce the energy stored as fat. Consuming less or exercising more will result in weight loss.

3. Why We Get Fat –Exercise

According to 2 week diet and workout plan, lack of exercises results in obesity and in our modern age, we are getting better and better at not getting enough exercise.

4. Why We Get Fat –You Always Eat Out for Lunch

The chances you are eating up calories, salt, and sugar at a restaurant compared to the home is quite high. Options at the restaurant are usually spiked with diet-destroying sauces and belly-bloating sodium.

And when you consume outside, you often say yes to more than you need. Brian Flatt 2 week diet discovered that restaurant food is as caloric as fast food. It also discovered that 92 percent of meals from both large chain and local restaurants contained on 1, 205 calories on average.

5. Why We Get Fat –You Always Think Its Hunger

Your stomach some kind of noise and next, you think you are hungry. I don’t think so. A 2 week diet menu plan found that 60 percent of the time individuals confused hunger for thirst. Consuming water is an easy trick to remain on track with those weight loss objectives.

This may be because water fills the stomach but it has been discovered that added H20 may well be displacing calories otherwise spent on calorie-laden beverages.

Assuming all other fails, have a cup of tea because it possesses no calories. The Brian Flatt 2 week Diet recommends that tea helps hydrate you and calm down cravings.

6. Why We Get Fat –You are Constantly Sitting

If you are like most Americans, you sit on your desk all day. On average, we sit 67 hours a week and spend 7 hours out of every 24 hours. It really sounds worrying. Lucky enough, the desk jobs is well known and now we burn 100 fewer calories a day at work compared 5 decades ago.

What you should do is to take a break; probably two minutes each hour because it can probably offset the predicted pounds, this is according to a 2 week diet to lose 15 pounds. In addition, Brian Flatt 2 week diet explained that standing most of the time burns 50 more calories every hour than sitting.

Assuming you stand for just 3 hours of your day, in a year you would expend more than 30,000 additional calories, which amounts to 8 Ibs of fat.

7. Why We Get Fat –Too Much T.V

Another common reason why we get fat is watching too much T.V. The number of time kids watch T.V has been shown to relate to weight. The more kids watch, the heavier they get.

Maybe the effect is through a lack of exercise. A person sitting on a couch is not outside playing football or maybe the food commercials on T.V that are created to make individuals hungry actually do make them hungry.

8. Why We Get Fat –Lack of Sleep

It is a fact that people, who sleep less, eat more. Probably they have nothing to do or probably there are chemical changes that take place in the brain to compensate for insufficient sleep. 

9. Why We Get Fat –Certain Drugs

Not all but some of the antidepressants result in weight gain. In many years you changed a few chronically depressed, thin women into chubby, but cheery midlife women are not cheery about being chubby. There are a number of other drugs that also act in a similar way.

2 week diet program

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10 Things You Need To Know About The 1 Week Diet To Lose Weight Fast

It is understandable if anyone would want to choose the 1 Week Diet to lose weight fast because it can be quite frustrating to not lose weight after doing everything right and still not losing weight.

This has made a lot of people give up on training and dieting, especially when you have been on it for a really long time without any significant result. This is why people may want to opt for the 1 Week Diet to lose weight fast.

the 1 week diet review
Brian Flatt

The 1 Week Diet System, just like the 2 Week Diet from the same author, is a weight loss program that promises to help you lose at least one pound of body fat in a day while you still get to eat pizza and the lists of delicious snacks included in the program without spending much time on weight loss workouts.

According to the program, you will get to lose about 7-10 pounds of body fat within 7 days. This doesn’t sound real enough, right?

Well, let’s look at the following facts about the 1 Week Diet PDF free download. It is ideal that you know about them if you are considering choosing Brian Flatt’s 1 Week Diet to lose weight fast:

Brian Flatt 1 Week Diet PDF free download
  1. 1 Week Diet System’s Weight Loss Secret

The ancient fat melting and self-healing and the anti-aging secret of the 1 Week Diet system were discovered by Brian Flatt’s grandfather after Okinawa war in 1945.

Brian Flatt, after learning about this from his grandfather, tested the secret on Debbie Haynes, a 39-year-old fat single mum who had lost confidence in appearances and battling with weight-related health issues.

She was able to lose more than 40 pounds, dropped six dress sizes and reversed the onset of type 2 diabetes and a possible stroke.

2. Who Is The 1 Week Diet System Created For?

The 1 Week Diet pdf is created for anyone who is tired of moving from one weight loss diet program to another to rapidly lose excess body fat, recapture their lost physique and self-esteem or confidence, eliminate weight-related health conditions and bid endless hours of doing cardio workouts farewell.

3. The Features Of 1 Week Diet System

The weight loss system consists of step-by-step ways to incorporate the Japanese weight loss secrets into your lifestyle. There are also food list, smoothies, herbs for weight loss and minerals, the video of short workouts to lose body fat, snacks, desserts, and much more.

The 1 Week Diet program comes with:

  • The Launch Books
  • The fat Burning Guide and Meal Plan
  • The Progress Book
  • The Weight Loss Motivator Handbook

Other Bonus Guides of the 1 Week Diet System include:

  • The Detoxing and life-changing Tea and Smoothie Recipes
  • The 3 Minutes Tummy-Toner Formula
  • The Secret and Potent sex-drive-boosting food list

4. The Basis Of The 1 Week Diet PDF System

Brain Flatt 1 Week Diet weight loss is created based on the in-depth knowledge about how the human digestive system and the fat-burning cycle work and the metabolic processes that take place in the human bodies in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond.

The weight loss system also consists of scientifically proven nutritional formula based on natural biology, which also allows users to eat their favorite foods as they lose body fat.

5. Very Adaptive

What is the most common reason why weight loss diets fail? It is because most of them are not easy to adapt to or incorporate into one’s lifestyle because they are highlight restrictive.

One of the good features of the 1 Week Diet not restrictive and you won’t have to starve yourself.

You will eat your normal 3 meals per day and still get to enjoy the privilege of taking tasty snacks and dessert.  There are no weird gadget, supplements and magic weight loss pills.

6. Does Brian Flatt’s 1 Week Diet system work?

Apart from Debbie Haynes, who got engaged to her high school crush, she met at the high school reunion she went to after losing 42 pounds of unwanted body fat and reversed weight-related health conditions.

There are a lot of other people who have testified to the effectiveness of 1 Week Diet system with their testimonies and before and after photos displayed to support their claims of Brain Flatt.

These people include Sam from Tampa; Florida, Sheila from Austin; Texas, Amber from Thousand Oaks; California, Brenda in Cleveland; Ohio and Joel in Boston.

According to them, not only have they lost weight but have been able to reverse bad LDL levels and reverse some health issues too.

Brian mentioned that he designed the weight loss diet for everyone no matter their status, gender, race, and age.

According to him, this guide has worked for moms, retirees, and older people as well.

7. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Brian Flatt has given you a chance to try all the features of the 1 Week Diet system for 2 months.

This means you can ask for a refund of your investment in the program if you do not see significant results in 60 days, which is less likely to happen considering the fact that you are expected to start seeing significant results after 7 days.

8. Body Detoxification

The 1 Week Diet pdf free download comes with body detoxification. The weight loss program provides users with the opportunity to get rid of harmful toxins to lose weight.

You will get to rid your body off heavy metal and destructive particles in the body with tasty detox and smoothie recipes for effective weight loss.

Brian mentioned that the personal detox secret shared in this program has worked for celebrities such as Jillian Michaels, Bill Philip, and Danny Musico among others.

9. The 1 Week Diet System Cons

Rapid weight loss isn’t for everyone. So, it is advisable that you consult with your doctor first if you must engage in a rapid weight loss journey such as this, especially since it involves the use of herbs for weight loss.

1 Week Diet PDF files and videos that come with it can only be accessed online. People that aren’t fans of digital products may not be able to benefit from the 1 Week Diet PDF free download.

Another con of this weight loss program is that the results vary according to the 1 Week diet success stories. So, you have to make sure your goals are realistic.

10. Benefits and Pros of Brain Flatt’s 1 Week Diet System

If the I Week Diet system is properly followed, according to Brain Flatt, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Balance your body’s biochemistry
  2. Become healthier and more energetic.
  3. Dramatically rejuvenate long-abused cell to turn back your biological clock.
  4. Repair damaged body cells to reverse aging.
  5. Dos and don’ts of effective and permanent weight loss.
  6. Reverse the symptoms of severe joint pains
  7. Boost your sex drive.
  8. Dissolve fat cells and melt away pounds of fat with remarkable swiftness.
  9. Efficient minerals and weight loss herbs
  10. Fast healing and robust long-term health


Going through the full, detailed 1 Week Diet pdf review and weighing the pros and cons will help you make an informed decision on whether or not you should check out the 1 Week diet system.

Well, if you found this information on Brian Flatt’s 1 Week Diet system useful, don’t forget to share.

Stay fit and healthy…

before choosing the 1 week diet to lose weight fast

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Brian Flatt 4 Week Diet Pdf Habits For Rapid and Permanent Weight Loss

When it comes to drawing the line between health foods and those who are not, it’s pretty clear. However, maintaining a consistent habit for rapid and permanent weight loss is one of the hardest things to achieve.

4 week diet and workout plan

This is because we have adopted some set of belief system since childhood which has become our way of life. Worse still, TV food commercials and advert campaigns have found a way of influencing our thoughts about food. Unhealthy and processed foods are favored over natural foods and veggies even when there are lots of
reasons to avoid processed foods.

Brian flatt 4 weeks diet plan suggests our habit are the biggest stumbling block against weight loss than any other factor. Despite identifying our needs and what has to be done, we simply aren’t committed to doing so. Even if we wish to, we simply can’t resist the temptation of eating junk all over again.

Fortunately, Brian Flatt 4 week diet plan isn’t just about helping you lose weight but maintaining habits for Rapid and permanent weight loss. The 4 week diet plan for weight loss is engineered to remove all stumbling blocks frustrating your weight loss effort as well as re-engineering your belief about food. The 4 week diet book outlines several healthy options as well as foods and habits to avoid when trying to lose weight.

If you find yourself stuck in your old habits which are evidently preventing you from losing weight, Follow the 4 week diet plan for weight loss tips on how to maintain consistent habits for rapid and permanent weight loss.

5 Consistent Habits For Rapid And Permanent Weight Loss

  1. Take Your Breakfast Serious

The 4 week diet book has grabbed a lot of attention largely due to their well-researched diet system. One of the most telling examples is that of breakfast. Do you have this habit of taking traditional bread, butter, jam or a bowl of cereal with milk and orange juice thinking it’s the perfect breakfast?

Obviously, this is  the most popular breakfast choices inspired by TV ads. Unfortunately, this is far from ideal and you certainly see a drop in energy because you have ingested large bombs of sugar which increases the secretion of insulin.

Brian Flatt 4 week diet plan emphasizes the importance of protein and why they’re the perfect choice for breakfast. Rather than “Sugar bombed ” meals, Opt for an egg-based protein breakfast. Not only are they low in cholesterol, but contain essential amino acids including tyrosine which is one of the major components of Dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (messenger of the brain) that promotes action and thus makes a good start to the day. You can add satiating vegetables or a green smoothie to fill up with vitamins and minerals. This Stimulate the release of toxins which makes it easier to lose weight.

2. Eat Healthy Fat

Most diet plan suggests fat is bad for the body and should be abolished. In contrast, the Brian Flatt 4 week diet meal plan emphasizes the need to include fat in our diet as well as the major role they play in the body.

4 week diet for rapid weight loss

However, this comes with a twist. This fat must be healthy and saturated. Good fats are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of your cells and your brain. In addition, some hormones are made from cholesterol itself from fatty acids.

Considering these factors,  Imagine the disorders in your metabolism if you remove the good fats. Rather,  Avoid the “trans” fats ( Fat from animal and margarine) and favor the unsaturated fatty acids found in vegetable oils of first cold pressing, preferably organic and stored in opaque glass bottles. Fats from olive and avocado are low in cholesterol which reduces the risk of adding weight.

3. Get rid of temptations

For optimum weight loss, it’s recommended to keep distance away from surgery foods and snacks like ice cream, candy, cookies, and chocolate bars. Now may be the perfect time to get rid of them and clean your freezer as well.

There is no question of eliminating these foods from your life forever, but this simple action will keep you from looking in your freezer whenever you feel like getting a quick fix after a busy day at work. This little act will not only save you from adding a few pounds but slowly break your addiction to sugary snacks.

4. Move Your Body

perhaps the Best piece of advice from the 4-week meal plan and a top choice from our list of habits for rapid and permanent weight loss. Thirty minutes of physical activity per day will help you achieve your goal.

You can divide these minutes into several sessions. Take the stairs rather than the elevator, walk or bike to get to work, play with your kids. However,  If you want to start a more intensive exercise program, you should first talk to your doctor.

Reduce your portions

Simple evidence: eat less and you will lose weight. It’s a fact established for the last 50 years, the portions of restaurant have become very big and our waistline has followed suit accordingly. We have become used to consuming larger portions at the expense of our health.

To counter this habit, use smaller dishes for your meals. More space on the plate automatically means weight control.

Finally, You may struggle to lose weight if you fail to set your goal. Surely the reason you want to lose weight is that you gained weight and secondly because you want to look good or feel better.

Many people start losing weight because their doctor suggested it, but people are more successful if their motivation to lose weight comes from personal reasons, Therefore, finding a more personal motive drives you to continue in the process (which is perhaps a long one) of losing weight and maintaining lost weight.

Secondly, The 4 week diet and workout plan is designed to help you gain the most out of your weight loss regime by helping you maintain habits for Rapid and permanent weight loss. The 4 week diet and workout plan outlines various exercise and meals that help you shed pounds in just a matter of days.

habits for rapid and permanent weight loss

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3 Week Diet Exposes The Right Ways To Reduce Calories To Lose Weight Fast

The Right Ways To Reduce Calories To Lose Weight Fast

You must have heard that if you want to lose weight, you have to reduce your calorie intake. As a matter of fact, many weight loss plans operate upon this notion, but still, not everyone knows how best to do this. A vague understanding of how calories make us fat can result in absurd eating habits.

Calories are units of energy. We obtain them from every food that we eat. The average calorie values of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are 4kcal, 4kcal and 9kcal respectively for every 1 gram (kcal: kilocalories).

As you will learn from the 3 week diet pdf, the calorie content of a food is the deciding factor of what makes it fitting or not to be part of your weight loss plan. Many of the right ways to reduce calories to lose weight fast as highlighted by the Brain Flatt in his 3 week diet pdf are actually scientific methods that he had tested with real-life experience.

Flatt intends to bring you into closer interaction with your body’s energy mechanism and help you take advantage of it to lose weight. According to Flatt, here are some of the right ways to reduce calories to lose weight fast:

1. Reduce Your Consumption of Carbs

this is important for anyone looking to lose weight

Excess carb content in your meal is the beginning of accumulating unwanted fats. Health journals reveal that too many carbs pump your body full with calories that encourage a build-up of body fat.

Because of the body’s natural preference and dependence on carbohydrates for energy, fats which are equally energy blocks are rendered passive by the presence of glucose and are hence stored in the body until the opportunity arises for them to be used.

The 3 week diet plan is optimized to drastically cut down on starchy foods and cleanse the body of toxic substances that encourage the accumulation of fats.

2. Stay Away From Refined Foods

ways to reduce calories to lose weight

A wild dependence on refined foods for satiety is the major problem of a lot of people, and the major cause of widespread obesity and type 2 diabetes in many developed countries.

These processed foods and food condiments contain outrageous amounts of added sugars that scream with calories. Needless to say, your 3 week diet for weight loss will eliminate all forms of artificial meals and replace them with a very natural and healthy recipe that will reduce your daily calorie intake and help you burn fats fast. You won’t have to be patient before you start seeing results.

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3. Eat More Proteins

reduce calories with the 3 week diet plan

Proteins are low-calorie foods that can help you keep away from wanting to eat more. Studies have shown that people who eat whole eggs in the mornings are bound to consume lesser calories during the day than people who don’t. This is brought about by the satiety effect of proteins on the brain – misinformation on the part of the hunger hormone.

Proteins are very important for metabolism; hence they foster the rapid breakdown of fats to provide energy to the body.

4. Eat more vegetables

ways to reduce calories to lose weight

Eating vegetables to lose weight is no longer a new concept. Vegetables make up a very valuable portion of our diets because of their vitamin-rich composition and insoluble fibers.

While the vitamins are very much needed to facilitate metabolism, the fibers are very important bulk materials that slow down bowel movements. When these fibers fill the guts, you will hardly feel hungry.

5. Avoid alcohol

reduce calories the right way

Beers are notorious for their high-calorie content. Continued consumption of alcoholic beverages can get you into the trouble of growing a rotund belly. Food facts reveal that a bottle serving of beer is equivalent to about 150kcal. That’s outrageously high and more than enough to sabotage your weight loss plans.

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What Is The 3 Week Diet?

The 3 week diet is a weight loss program that centers on the use of a specialized feeding practice and workout schedule as a method of achieving tremendous weight loss within a short time.

This secret fitness and weight loss formula is Brian Flatt’s way of teaching the many out there that shedding off the excess pounds doesn’t have to be so torturous.

3 week diet ebook

For quite some time now, 3 week diet has garnered remarkable recognition from many members of the public, and word is still spreading. It just seems to be that after a long time and after so many research studies conducted, there is finally an ideal solution to the problem of overweight and obesity that does not involve the use of expensive supplement and pills, rigorous exercises and absurd eating traditions. These are always bound to strike fear and discouragement to a person who truly wants to lose weight.

The 3 week diet system proves to be a very convenient method that will show you the right ways to reduce calories to lose weight fast. It mainly deals with attacking overweight through dieting and some simple workouts that almost anybody can do.

Who Is Brian Flatt And Why Should His Methods Be Trusted?

Brian Flatt is a renowned health coach, trainer, and nutritionist who have helped a lot of people across various walks of life to achieve rapid weight loss breakthroughs. In his eagerness for sharing his tested and trusted methods with more people, he created the 3 week diet plan.

So far so good, many 3 Week Diet success stories have been spread by people who used his 3 week diet pdf – an information-rich manual that reveals some of the right ways to reduce calories to lose weight fast.

Many of the testimonies confirm Flatt’s claim of ‘rapid results’ as the most amazing part of the program. Participants are seen to have lost from 6-10 pounds just within the first seven days.

You can learn more about Brian Flatt 3 Week diet pdf in this review

1 Week Diet: 7 Ways To Eliminate Body Toxins To Shrink Belly Fat

Dieting as a method of losing weight has always been the boon of many weight loss plans. It has always been a widely known fact that making certain adjustments to your food timetable can be useful to anyone who wants to lose weight.

This has apparently led Brian Flatt, the author of the 3 week diet and pioneer of the 1 week diet plan, on to developing a weight loss method that concentrates on dieting. His well-researched methods have captured the interest of many who often end up testifying of how his diet plan works like Indian talisman.

So far, the 1 week diet plan has revealed some of the many ways to eliminate body toxins to shrink belly fat. A few of them will be reviewed in this article.

7 ways to eliminate body toxins to shrink belly fat

Here are the 7 secrets Brian Flatt wants you to know about below:

  1. Avoid Excess Sugars

This is the principal measure to take if you are really interested in getting rid of your excess stomach fat. Brian Flatt’s 1 week diet menu is highly optimized to drastically cut down on food contents that are high on sugar; this includes some varieties of fruits like bananas, pineapples and sugar beets.

Candies and refined foods are considered to be problematic, snacks too are abolished. Another area one needs to carefully be on the watch for is in beverages and refined foods. Excess sugars are considered to be toxic as long as the 1 week diet plan is concerned.

2. Eat more proteins

Most people know that proteins are important for bodybuilding and tissue repairs but will be completely at sea when they hear that protein consumption is effective for weight loss. Eating lean proteins is considered to be one of the most comfortable ways to eliminate body toxins to shrink belly fat.

Proteins to an extent are viable alternatives for carbohydrates because they do synthesize glucose from their macro-molecules. However, excess consumption of proteins is known to be harmful to the kidneys. All the same, the 1 week diet menu is there to save the day.

3. Go low on carbs

This is also aimed at addressing the sugar problem. If you truly desire to have a flat stomach, keep carbohydrates miles away from your meal plan. The author highly recommends this.

Carbs are the body’s main source of fuel, which means the body depends on the breakdown of carbohydrates and its subsequent release of energy to carry out life functions. When carbs are not available, fats and oils are used instead.

This simple biochemistry of the human body points out the reason why you don’t need carbs. They make you retain excess fats when you should be burning them.

4. Exercise to burn more fats

35452918 – fitness woman with barbells on grey background

The author’s work also features a 1 week diet and exercise plan, which hammers on the fact that dieting and exercising are complementary ways to eliminate body toxins to shrink belly fat. And when we talk of exercise, we are more interested in workouts that will burn fat quickly.

During exercise, the body will require extra energy to retain balance, hence the more rapid breakdown of fat for the needed energy. Apart from the abs workout, where the exercising centers on, general exercises are also recommended since they contribute to the overall well being of the body.

5. Reduce your alcohol intake

Whiskey being poured into a glass

There is no other worse toxin that inflates your stomach like alcohol. Besides promoting the accumulation of stomach fats, many alcoholic beverages like beers contain substantial amounts of sugar that are not good for you. Alcohol is also toxic to your liver. Reducing your intake of alcoholic beverages should come around having 0-2 bottles at most in a week. For the best 1 week diet results, do not have alcohol at all!

6. More veggies

Vegetables indirectly promote the burning of stomach fat; they are needed in the body as a necessity rather than as a supplement. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals that are crucial to metabolism, hence having an adequate supply of them will hasten a fat burn-down in your body. Without them, even the 1 week diet and exercise plan will fail in giving you desirable results.

7. Follow the 1 week diet meal plan strictly

Being disciplined with your meal plan is the threshold of overcoming overweight. It is the only way anyone would take to ever get the best out of the 1 week diet plan. No matter the variety you might crave for in your diet, it is best you stick with the author on the program.

Brian Flatt did not get his ideas from the wind. The powerful ways to eliminate body toxins to shrink belly fat that he shares with all are actual methods that he had tried out for himself. Many others had tried them out and are grateful for their choices. It is highly recommended that you do likewise.


In conclusion, let’s have a look at some FAQs about the 1 week diet.

What Is Brian Flatt’s 1 Week Diet About?

The 1 week diet is a seven days program that features mainly an adaptative diet adjustment which holds the promise of an instant, steady and rapid weight loss.

Especially through the burning of stomach fat and other excesses that keeps one out of shape. In simpler terms, it is a weight loss program where you adapt to the specialized feeding pattern to achieve tremendous weight loss within a 7 days interval.

Learn everything you need to know about Brian Flatt 1 Week Diet

Participants of this program are always confirmed to have lost from 6-11 pounds within the one week period. Amazing, isn’t it? Moreover, the mechanism of the program functions with some sort of exactitude as a 1 week diet for weight loss invariably gives you corresponding 1 week diet results. So you can keep it cycling until you are satisfied with your weight.

What Benefits Can One Derive From The 1 Week Diet?

With weight loss being at the center of the program’s pros, the 1 week diet still proves to be an excellent booster of sex drive and general body energy. It brings you in touch with a new form of vitality and agility that you never knew existed. It eliminates the risk of suffering type 2 diabetes for anyone who practices it.

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