Comparing the 3 Week Diet Program And 2 Week Diet Program

Brian Flatt 3 Week Diet Program And 2 Week Diet Program: Differences And Similarities

We can say that Brian Flatt has made a name for himself in the weight loss industry. After writing about both the 2 week diet program and 3 week diet program, I thought it necessary to have a comparative review.

A regular follower of this blog, Juan Wesley requested an information. He sought to know which of the weight loss program will be suitable for him. In Juan’s confusion, he asked, how will I lose up to 16 pounds in only 2 weeks? Yes, the 2 week diet eBook assures users of 16 pounds off in only weeks. He also wonders that 3 week is a little too much to lose 21 pounds.

Many people get confused on which of this weight loss program will work for them. Bear in mind that the author, Brian Flatt is a weight loss expert. I am not surprised since both the 2 week diet guide and 3 week diet eBook claim to work. But, it is normal for users to be skeptical about which program will suit their need.

In my defense, I will write a review that outlines how the 2 week diet guide and the 3 week diet guide works. Thus, when you get to compare the working principles as well as the outcome of both weight loss program by Brian Flatt, you can choose which works for you.

3 week diet ebook

I already wrote a comprehensive review of both the 2 week diet program as well as the 3 week diet program. The reviews discuss the detail feature of the guide. It also addresses what is expected of users as well as the expected outcome.

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Shall we delve into the details of this comparative review:

A little About the Author: Brian Flatt

Dear reader, have in mind that the same brain is behind both weight loss program. This guy, by the name of Brian Flatt, is no stranger to the fitness industry. To his credit, he runs a personal fitness company in South California. And to his credit, he has helped celebrities work out.

Asides his expertise in weight loss workout, he is equally vast in nutrition. To his credit, he has reviewed more than 500 health and fitness journal, books and studies. With this credentials, it is not surprising that he is well equipped to author both the 2 week diet plan and 3 week diet plan. He has extensive knowledge of the fitness industry. With it, he was able to create those effective weight loss plans.

Brian Flatt wrote the 3 week diet plan first. This endeavor turns out to be a huge success. However, despite the success, not everyone will find success with the program. Brian discovered that there are people who might not have 3 weeks to lose weight. There are people who might have to feature in some high-class occasion. Those people might not have 3 good weeks to lose weight. There are folks who might need to lose weight due to health complications as well. This person needed an urgent approach to weight loss, one the 3 week diet system could not offer. This inspired the 2 week diet program.

3 week diet program

With the 2 week diet program, Brian Flatt catered for folks who are desperate about losing weight. Brian hoped to reach Millions of people all over the globe via the teachings of the 2 week diet plan. Brian Flatt has experience as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and author. This makes him very qualified to turn out the 2 week diet program. Brian has worked with a lot of people. He has seen why many people struggle with weight loss. With his months of research, he has the secrets to handle stubborn fats.


Common Goals: The 2 Week Diet Program and the 3 Week Diet Program

Since both the 2 week diet system and the 3 week diet system were written by the same person, they are bound to have many similar characteristics.

First of all, on getting both manuals, they have 4 different manuals.

The launch manual in the 2 week diet plan introduces users to the program. While the 3 week diet plan has the introduction manual. This explains the process of melting fat to users.

Both the 2 week diet eBook as well as the 3 week diet ebook contains the diet manual. In other words, both manual emphasizes the importance of the right meal choice in weight loss. The beauty of the 2 week diet plan is that it doesn’t give a generic diet for all users. This is where most diet plans miss it. The diet explains the appropriate diet for different body type. With the diet manual of the 3 week diet program, users get what they should eat and what is bad for their body weight.

Any weight loss plan that doesn’t emphasize the need for the workout is a lie. The 2 week diet program, for instance, provided the activity handbook. This introduces simple workout plans that wouldn’t stress users in any way. The workout manual of the 3 week diet workout contains simple exercise routine. These are exercises that users can have for only 30 minutes a day. Thus, the workout plan of both the 2 week diet workout and the 3 week diet workout plan is not meant to stress users in any way.

3 week diet ebook

Finally, there is the motivation manual. Many people start their weight loss goal with a great zeal only to lose it on the way. Thus, Brian Flatt made available motivational guide for both the 2 week diet plan as well as the 3 week diet plan. Hence, user’s focus will be set towards shedding off all the desired fats, against all odds.

Worthy of note is the fact that both the 2 week diet and the 3 week diet plan emphasizes the need for healthy food. The 2 week diet plan, for instance, emphasizes healthy and nutritious food. Besides, these are foods that hasten the burning fat. This is different from counting calories that most weight loss product does introduce. The 3 week diet plan, on the other hand, talks about anti-inflammatory foods. Thus, users select food according to their body need. This is a secret many people fail to realize. The teachings in the 3 week diet plan made me realize that when you eat what your body needs, excess fat falls off. Unlike most generic diet plan, the 3 week diet plan, as well as the 2 week diet plan, is not restrictive. Thus, you are not subjected to tasteless foods all in the name of losing weight.

The following summarizes other similarities between both weight loss programs

  1. They both present a 60 days money back offer. Besides, users should see the result of the 2 week diet workout and the 3 week diet workout in the first 14 days and 21 days respectively. Thus, there are extra days to test if the program does deliver on the promise.
  2. They are both written by Brian Flatt and delivered via the internet. Thus, you need an electronic device to access the content of both the 2 week diet guide and the 3 week diet program.
  3. Both programs emphasize that diet and workout are critical to weight loss.

Differences: The 2 Week Diet Program and the 3 Week Diet Program

Without a doubt, there are differences between the 2 week diet program and the 3 week diet program. One glaring difference is in their name. While the 2 week diet guide spans for 2 weeks, 3 weeks is all you need for the 3 week diet guide. But why the difference in duration, someone might wonder?

  1. People who have an ultimatum/deadline to lose weight could consider the 2 week diet guide. And as long as they remain committed, they can lose between 8 and 16 pounds of fat. While for folks in which time isn’t a limitation, the 3 week diet guide suits them. Brian Flatt explained that they should expect to lose nothing less than 21 pounds of fat in the space of 3 weeks.
  2. It is also critical to note that the 3 week diet plan operates on 4 different phases. You can read about the details of each phase in my review of the 3 week diet program by Brian Flatt. The following, however, summarizes the phases!
  • The first 7 days to clean your liver. Here Brian exposes users to vitamins and supplements. This will help remove toxins from your liver
  • For the next phase, the 8th day, users will have to fast for the whole day. This will help give your digestive system a rest and cleanse any toxins left.
  • The next phase is the fat fast diet (days 9 to 11) will help to get rid of further toxins. This phase target fat stored in your belly, thighs, and butts.
  • The last phase continues till the end of the program. Here users will be on a diet designed for their specific body type.

3 week diet program

The process/steps in the 2 week diet program were not specifically broken down into steps. But there are key points that describe the working principles of the program. They are:

  • The program advises colon cleansing. With a clean colon, you remain healthy and enjoy a smooth digestion. A healthy colon is primal to filtering out waste products out of the body. Instead of storing fat, they will leave the body as excreta.
  • Through natural metabolism, a good diet will help burn fat. The beauty of the 2 week diet plan is that it is not restrictive. One still gets to enjoy fat and carbs.
  • Cardio Workouts: Without a doubt, your weight loss effort is never complete without exercise. The workouts presented in the 2 week diet program are however easy and fun. Brisk walking, swimming, and jogging etc., suited for all ages are the exercise available
  • Ingredients Sections: This part of the 2 week diet eBook will expose users to ingredients like protein, fats, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and fibers, even water. Here, Brian provides adequate information on what the body needs to foster easy and quick fat loss.


The 2 week diet Plan and 3 Week Diet Program: The Advantages We Found

The idea behind both the 2 week diet plan and the 3 week diet program will help to make users lose weight. Although they have a different working principle, they share pretty much the same benefits. Let us explore them:

  1. Worthy of note is the fact that both the 2 week diet system as well as the 3 week diet system delivers a rapid result. Right from the first week of starting any of the programs, there will be noticeable changes. Many users of both programs, made this available.
  2. These programs teach people the importance of diet and workout when it comes to weight loss
  3. Users will also be exposed to what they have been doing wrong all this while as regards weight loss. For instance, I didn’t know that generic weight loss program hardly work. But not until I read this Brian Flatt weight loss program,
  4. The program will help users lose weight consistently. Once users can follow the teachings of the 2 week diet and 3 week diet guide, the weight loss program will be spread over the time allotted.
  5. The fear of lost weight coming back after the program ends will not be an issue. This is where both the 2 week diet system as well as the 3 week diet plan stands out. Many weight loss program doesn’t know how to teach people to maintain their new weight after the program. However, Brian Flatt made adequate provision for this.
  6. This weight loss program makes exercise primal to weight loss. But, the exercises recommended are pretty easy to implement. People of all age, sex and tribe can have fun with swimming.
  7. Also, should you be dissatisfied with the outcome of both program, there is a money back offer. This shouldn’t even be a concern as there are hundreds of positive feedbacks from users of both programs. Thus, it will work!

3 week diet program

My Verdict: The 2 Week diet Guide and 3 Week Diet program

Brian Flatt did a wonderful job in releasing this powerful weight loss guide. I have reviewed quite many weight loss diets. However, both weight loss diet stands out in many ways.

The 2 week diet plan and the 3 week diet plan didn’t plan a diet for users. They carefully considered each the need of the user’s body. That is bold, huge and powerful. When you take time to listen to the dictate of your body and act accordingly, your body will reward you by shedding fat as well.

Anyone who is not pressed with time can give the 3 week diet program a try. While people who can’t wait to shed off 16 pounds in 2 weeks should consider the 2 week diet. All in all, your dedication and willpower will go a long way before you record success with the program.

I look forward to your success story!


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