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Brian Flatt 2 Week Diet Pdf Sheds More Light On Why We Get Fat

In most cases, why we get fat is based on what they eat and/or the little exercise they do, which reflects one of the basic rules of thermodynamics. The amount of energy you put into your body subtract the energy you take out has to be stored somewhere, that is FAT.

This formulation does not entirely define obesity since some individuals seem to consume more than fat people and at the same time, exercise no more than these fat people and yet they seem not to be fat.

Other factors must come into play and below, Brian flat 2 week diet gives more details on why we get fat despite going for a 2 weeks diet plan.

  1. Why We Get Fat –Hereditary:

It is has been discovered among individuals that some people are destined to gain weight because they have inherited fat genes from their old fogies. There can be no doubt that individuals change in their genetic makeup and another set of individuals are inclined because of genetic reasons to become tall, or fat, squat or even broad shouldered.

In most cases, fat people inherit it from their families, but that does not mean that they are fat for genetic reasons rather they have learned fat making behaviors. Like for example, eating habits, from their old fogies when they were growing up.

2. Why We Get Fat – Diet

It is in the law of thermodynamics. The amount of energy that goes into the human body has to balance with the amount that goes out or probably the additional energy that goes in has to be stored somehow.

Overweight mature man with pizza in one hand and a beer in the other

Therefore, for everybody, no matter what that individual’s genetic vulnerability, either reducing the amount of food or increasing the energy output will reduce the energy stored as fat. Consuming less or exercising more will result in weight loss.

3. Why We Get Fat –Exercise

According to 2 week diet and workout plan, lack of exercises results in obesity and in our modern age, we are getting better and better at not getting enough exercise.

4. Why We Get Fat –You Always Eat Out for Lunch

The chances you are eating up calories, salt, and sugar at a restaurant compared to the home is quite high. Options at the restaurant are usually spiked with diet-destroying sauces and belly-bloating sodium.

And when you consume outside, you often say yes to more than you need. Brian Flatt 2 week diet discovered that restaurant food is as caloric as fast food. It also discovered that 92 percent of meals from both large chain and local restaurants contained on 1, 205 calories on average.

5. Why We Get Fat –You Always Think Its Hunger

Your stomach some kind of noise and next, you think you are hungry. I don’t think so. A 2 week diet menu plan found that 60 percent of the time individuals confused hunger for thirst. Consuming water is an easy trick to remain on track with those weight loss objectives.

This may be because water fills the stomach but it has been discovered that added H20 may well be displacing calories otherwise spent on calorie-laden beverages.

Assuming all other fails, have a cup of tea because it possesses no calories. The Brian Flatt 2 week Diet recommends that tea helps hydrate you and calm down cravings.

6. Why We Get Fat –You are Constantly Sitting

If you are like most Americans, you sit on your desk all day. On average, we sit 67 hours a week and spend 7 hours out of every 24 hours. It really sounds worrying. Lucky enough, the desk jobs is well known and now we burn 100 fewer calories a day at work compared 5 decades ago.

What you should do is to take a break; probably two minutes each hour because it can probably offset the predicted pounds, this is according to a 2 week diet to lose 15 pounds. In addition, Brian Flatt 2 week diet explained that standing most of the time burns 50 more calories every hour than sitting.

Assuming you stand for just 3 hours of your day, in a year you would expend more than 30,000 additional calories, which amounts to 8 Ibs of fat.

7. Why We Get Fat –Too Much T.V

Another common reason why we get fat is watching too much T.V. The number of time kids watch T.V has been shown to relate to weight. The more kids watch, the heavier they get.

Maybe the effect is through a lack of exercise. A person sitting on a couch is not outside playing football or maybe the food commercials on T.V that are created to make individuals hungry actually do make them hungry.

8. Why We Get Fat –Lack of Sleep

It is a fact that people, who sleep less, eat more. Probably they have nothing to do or probably there are chemical changes that take place in the brain to compensate for insufficient sleep. 

9. Why We Get Fat –Certain Drugs

Not all but some of the antidepressants result in weight gain. In many years you changed a few chronically depressed, thin women into chubby, but cheery midlife women are not cheery about being chubby. There are a number of other drugs that also act in a similar way.

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