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2 Week Diet Pdf Discusses How Starvation Mode Impacts Weight Loss

The way excess weight normally creeps up on people is quite strange. You may not seem to notice how much wider you have become until you take a good look at something that reminds you of your thinner self some months ago. This is always the case for most of us.

When you suddenly realize that you’ve gained more weight than you’re willing to keep up with and finally chose to shed off some pounds, it is advisable that you take it one step at a time.

If you are looking to lose weight rapidly, and are perhaps implementing the 2 weeks diet system, you have every reason to consider weight loss as more of a long term goal than a short one.

It takes time to lose weight, but using extreme measures to achieve overnight weight loss results is not in any way ideal. Many people resort to starving themselves as a quick route to becoming thinner, but going this way almost never ends up well.

Now here are a few questions that you might be asking: Where did the starvation idea come from? Why is it a common practice for many overweight or obese people? How does starvation mode impacts weight loss?

How Starvation Mode Impacts Weight Loss –Calorie in vs. Calorie out

Although not everyone agrees to this, it is a popular notion that the principal determinant of weight loss or weight gain is the balance that is kept between the calories that we consume and the ones that we use. That is, if you eat more calories than you use, you will get fatter and if you eat fewer calories than you use, you will get thinner.

Does this principle hold any usefulness for the 2 weeks diet plan? Of course yes. The 2 weeks diet plan like most diet plans primarily depends on it, but tweaking your plans to the point of starving yourself is totally out of it. It is not the right way to go about hastening up your desired weight loss results.

How Starvation Mode Impacts Weight Loss –What is Starvation mode?

In a more scientific or technical way, it is known to be adaptative thermogenesis, but for simplicity it is called starvation mode. The starvation mode is the body’s automatic counter response to starvation, where the entire body system adjusts itself to extremely low calorie intakes by retarding metabolism.

In other words, starvation mode implies that when you deprive yourself of food, your body systems will take notice of this and put up a resistance which is to slow down metabolic activity and conserve energy.

Why it engages this mechanism is for your protection. Your body is designed to depend on food as a source of energy for metabolism, once it senses that it is not receiving enough, it slows down the metabolic rates.

The 2 Week diet pdf sheds light on how the starvation mode impacts weight loss. Judging by the speed at which many people lose weight while on extreme diets, one can say that starvation mode impacts weight loss positively. But starvation does have its side effects.

Starvation mode impacts weight loss negatively and it is, in fact, adrift from the calorie in vs calorie out principle. According to the recommendations made by the author in the 2 weeks diet pdf, people who want to lose weight are supposed to properly cut down on their daily calorie intake.

However, not to a point where one can recognize it to be outright starvation. This is why the 2 weeks diet menu specifies the types of foods and their amounts that should be eaten per meal session.

Starving yourself will normally imply that you are consuming less calories than your body requires, due to your age, sex and lifestyle. For some people, it is an intentional approach to hasten up weight loss.

However, for others, starvation could be a symptom of some sicknesses like anorexia or bulimia. The bottom line of starvation is that it is characterized by a zero or low-calorie intake. Always below the minimum calorie intake a person should keep to.

How much calorie is considered starvation?

According to a publication by Health Harvard Publishing, the minimum daily caloric intake (DCI) is 1800 calories for men and 1200 calories for women. Anything below this value can push the body to go into starvation mode.

It is also important to note that, the amount of calories that you eat is not all that matters but also where you source your calories from. You can decide to starve yourself so that you can live on the energy that is stored in the accumulated fats of your body, but you will still need nutrients from other food categories to have a normal health.

The 2 week diet pdf talks about this. It contains an optimized 2 weeks diet menu that does not only help you to reduce your calorie intake to a healthy minimum but also give variety to your diet.

Why Starving Yourself Is Not Your best option?

Studies have revealed that people who opt for starvation as a quick fix to lose weight always end up getting disappointing results. While it is possible for them to lose some reasonable pounds in such short periods, they still have to deal with a number of problems as the side effects of starvation.

First off, acknowledge this fact: starvation mode impacts weight loss poorly. The side effects of persistent starvation far outweigh the benefits, you are going to achieve very little weight loss howbeit at the great expense of your health and well-being.

Starvation in fact is a wrong approach toward losing weight. Instead of helping you lose weight quickly and permanently, it can be do the opposite on the long run and can be injurious to many body organs.

Based on the information contained in the 2 Week diet pdf, here are some common side effects of starvation mode.

I. You lose lean mass. Lean mass includes your muscles, bones, water etc. It appears to be that fats are not the only body components you lose from starvation, a considerable amount of your body’s lean mass are lost too. Your bones become thinner and your muscles diminish.

II. You experience the pangs of hunger. Understand that your body was never meant to live without food, the pangs of hunger are a huge indication of that. The pains are going to be severe as you start out your hunger strike and lesser as you get used to them. All the same it is a torturous method that no one has to go through.

III. Your organs are affected too. According to research done by Mayo Clinic your organs suffer from starvation, they are lacking many nutrients that food can provide. Even if after starvation mode a person begins to eat properly, his organs may not be able to fully recover from the effects of prolonged calorie restriction.

IV. It takes a toll on your overall health. You need food to survive and this involves having a strong immune system. The 2 week diet pdf explains the importance of eating proper meals as an aid to healthy living.

How Starvation Mode Impacts Weight Loss –What You Can Do?

There are several other ways to lose weight that don’t involve you starving the life out of yourself. First and foremost, understand that it took you quite some time to gain excess weight and it is going to cost you time to reverse the weight gain.

You are free to dream of achieving impossible weight loss results within seconds, but reality beckons on you to plan reasonably. For best results, focus on a weight loss plan than targets losing from 5-7 pounds per week and commit yourself to it, never relent once you start seeing results.

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