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The 4 Week Diet Plan Review –Is Brian Flatt’s Method Weight Loss Scam?

The 4 Week Diet Plan Review

Few days ago I received an email from one of our subscribers asking for more information about Brian Flatt 4 Week Diet program. Having read about our popular review of 2 Week Diet program by the same author, the fellow wanted to know if the Brian Flatt 4 Week Diet plan is a scam or not. We decided to write a comprehensive review and a complete assessment of the new 4 Week Diet system by Brian Flatt because we know many people have similar questions on Brian’s method for weight loss. People want to know if The 4 Week Diet PDF ebook is worth investing in and many want to know if The 4 Week Diet plan really work. The fact that you are on this page is an evidence of your interest in the program. We went about developing Our Detailed Review of The 4 Week Diet by Brian Flatt to answer many of the questions that might be bothering people on this weight loss program. We hope it answers any of the questions you might have about the Brian Flatt weight loss programs. In case you are someone who is already familiar with The 4 Week Diet program and only looking for download link that will allow you to take advantage of discount of the Brian Flatt program, use the link below:

Download the 4 Week Diet plan by Brian Flatt here

We will divide the content of this review into four main sections. In the first section, we will tell you what The 4 Week Diet program is all about, about the author, how it works, what you can expect to get from the program after purchase and more important what is unique about the program. In the second segment, we will explain both the pros and cons of Brian Flatt 4 Week Diet system. Here we will highlight advantages, disadvantages, as well a risk involved in buying into this Brian Flatt program. In the third segment, we will bring to you users reports, highlight of expert reviews, and opinion of many people that have previously bought into the program. The fourth segment will focus on summary of our reviews and assessment of Brian Flatt 4 Week Diet program……So, let’s begin.

What is the Brian Flatt 4 Week Diet program all about?

At the heart of it, The 4 Week Diet plan is a weight loss program designed to help people lose 32 pounds more or less within 4 Weeks. The program was essentially developed for those who need to take out the extra weight around the midsection or anywhere else on the body. In the program, the author, Brian Flatt, used scientific methods to develop an easy to follow Diet plan anyone can follow to stay safe while shedding off that extra weight. Brian Flatt 4 Week Diet PDF ebook contains 123 pages of tips that could help user achieved this objective when the instructions are followed.

The 4 Week Diet Program Reviews

Brian Flatt weight loss program is different from anything else you may have seen because it was designed based on unique understanding of how one can leverage fat storing and burning hormones in our body to achieve weight loss without stress within short period of time. In the official website of the program, Brian Flatt revealed how to use the revolutionary fat burning hormone triggering system to lose weight in 4 Weeks. In the program, Brian showed the users how some special hormones in our body are meant to work together towards boosting your energy thus enhancing your body’s ability to burn fat effectively. More importantly, he revealed a 4 Week Diet plan that could help boost the capabilities of these hormones to you lose weight in 4 Weeks.

Brian Flatt made The 4 Week Diet plan easy to follow through a 4 Week Diet YouTube Video. He promised that the following can be achieved with ease if the instructions in the program are carefully followed;

  • Losing up to 32 pounds more or less within 4 Weeks
  • Fat burning hormone when set active help lose 2 -3 pant size
  • Removal of 4 – 8 inches from your waistline
  • Put an end to bad food cravings
  • Combining the strength of the 4 fat hormones for weight loss success
  • Control carbs from transforming into fats
  • Above all you get to begin slimming down without starvation …..

Ultimately, The 4 Week Diet system promises to disengage all sneaky metabolic weight loss destroyers affecting your fat burning hormones. Within 28 days it is expected that every metabolic act disturbing your ability to burn fat is stopped. He designed the revolutionary fat burning hormone triggering system not only to get your body to burn excess fat faster but also makes the whole process easy. The 4 Week Diet techniques could help you lose more stubborn fat while following this natural fat burning physiology.

The ultimate question then is if the program delivers on its promises. It is for this purpose that we have written this The 4 Week Diet system review. Before we continue on our review, I think it’s important we learn more about the author of the program. We need to know if the author is credible and more about his antecedent. Is he really a Dietician as claimed?

Who is Brain Flatt – The Author of the 4 Week Diet System?

Brian Flatt - The 4 Week Diet ReviewsWell, I believe by now you know Brain Flatt is the author of The 4 Week Diet eBook. He is the mastermind behind this revolutionary fat releasing and fat burning 4 Week Diet plan that promises to help you lose 20 pounds successfully within 4 Weeks. But who is he?

Our investigation revealed that Brian Flatt has been in the industry of nutrition since 90s. He is a sports nutritionist, a personal trainer and a health coach. We also found out that he is the owner of REV fitness which is based in the Southern California. Brian Flatt seems to have made name for himself in the fitness industry through his teaching on how to rapidly lose weight. Over the years, he has become a go to person on how to lose weight fast and naturally. He is now a well-known certified personal, popular speaker, and author. He is the author of the 2 Week Diet eBook, the 3 Week Diet program and now The 4 Week Diet plan. Brian created The 4 Week Diet Plan through observation of his clients. As a gym instructor and personal trainer, he witnessed how many of his clients struggles with excessive weight. He then became obsessed with findings and research on ways to help people lose weight fast and safe. It was this quest the led to the discoveries of many of the secrets he his sharing with people through this 4 Week Diet system.

Inside The 4 Week Diet system by Brian Flatt

Do you know that there are 4 regulating hormones in the human body that could help with weight loss with ease? How to use these hormones for you own advantage is one of the secrets revealed by Brain Flatt in The 4 Week Diet plan. These hormones include;

  • Cortisol – This is the metabolism lowering hormone
  • Insulin – responsible for resisting the release of already stored fat
  • Adiponectin – fat burning hormone
  • Ghrelin – fat storing hormone

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The 4 Week Diet program comprises of 4 major handbooks each offering a spectacular way to control the fat loss hormones present in the body. Here is a brief description of the content of each of the handbooks.

The launch Handbook –

This is where you get to learn how some salient metabolic killers had been slowing the rate at which your metabolism can burn fat. However, you get to understand the science behind why most of the struggles many people face with weight loss. The reason behind why you lose weight and suddenly regain the weight back. The launch handbook contain step by step guide on how to melt away the hard to burn fats already stored in the body.

The 4 Week Diet Plan PDF

Here are the objectives of the Launch handbook;

  • Provision of easy ways as 1,2,3 to lose weight
  • Make you understand the origin of fat store and how it transfers to another bodily area just so you avoid future weight gain problems
  • Equip you with eating pattern so you can make your body’s 4 fat hormones be in coordination to help your weight loss.
  • Overall, get in shape within 7 days without confusion
The Diet Handbook –

This handbook is a “you-you” kind of handbook pattern! It’s all about weight loss Diet plan simplified enough for you to discern which is best for your body type. Here you will get information on how to calculate your BMI and also know your fat store %. With this, you can therefore customize The 4 Week Diet to suit your weight loss pattern.

The following are things you get to learn from the Diet handbook –

  • Details of food to eat, quantity of food to consume and time to eat them, this is to help your fat burning hormones the more
  • Prices variation ranging from food that matters to food that doesn’t
  • A comprehensive list of food you must rule out on your food list totally.
  • 4 Week Diet recipes with prepping methods that makes them all delicacies
  • How to continually maintain your body transformation after weight loss satisfaction
The Activity Handbook –

The Diet handbook alone is enough to naturally help in your weight loss goal but with the activity handbook, it’s a double speed to weight loss goals.  Getting involved in healthy activities is another way to burn excess fat off the body. People who used The 4 Week Diet program attested to the effectiveness of this section of the program.

With the activity handbook you can achieve the following;

  • With 15 minutes intense workout that can be done anywhere – This help you burn fat effectively even as you follow other handbooks.
  • Are you someone with tight schedule but still want to lose some weight? With the Brain Flatt’s activity handbook, you can reach your desired weight loss goal without having to disrupt your busy daily schedule.
  • Gym Lovers! This section of The 4 Week Diet system offers you interesting packages still to help your weight loss proposition.
  • Carving out your desired body Physic is more visible in the activity handbook.
The 4 Week Diet Plan eBook
The Motivation Handbook –

Are you one of those who thinks 99% of body transformation is a success from the gym or from the food on your meal plan? Science has proven severally how weigh loss actualization is a function of your positive subconscious mind.

With the motivation handbook in The 4 Week Diet program by Brain Flatt you can get inspired to breakthrough any mental distort that might want to affect your weight loss actualization.  Below are what you’ll learn here;

  • Techniques strong enough to your mind focused towards reaching your weight loss desire. However you stay glued to The 4 Week Diet program till results begin manifesting.
  • Get support all through to the 28th days of the 28 day Diet and workout plan.
  • You get to maintain your new body henceforth.

Bonuses – The 4 Week Diet System

Brian Flatt gives a weight loss hypnosis audio as the only bonus. It is supported by any MP3 Player. The bonus is seen an alternative to the handbooks and other items but is not. However it is easy to assimilate because it last for a very short duration unlike the other handbooks. Sincerely, the weight loss hypnosis audio has got great advantage for those with keen vision to bringing back life to their body state.

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Pros and Cons of Brian Flatt 4 Week Diet Plans

The 4 Week Diet PDF Review  – Pros

  1. The 4 Week Diet Plan is suitable for Most people. Brian Flatt designed the program in a way that will work for most people that desired weight loss, as long as the person doesn’t have critical health issues. The program is best suited for people that want to lose weight of up to 32 pounds within 4 Weeks, people that want to trim up to 8 inches from their waists, and for anyone that want to jumpstart their long-term weight loss goals in a very positive way.
  2. Not Stressful to Follow: This is one of the unique advantage of The 4 Week Diet system. With this program you don’t have to punish yourself to lose weight. Brian designed the program in a way that you won’t feel deprived of food or over-exercised to see meaningful result. The Diet plan is still yummy while the exercise plans are short and easy to follow. The 4 Week Diet workout plans only takes 15 minutes to implement daily while the Diet plan include many tasty meals that you will enjoy and love. The workout plans won’t leave you feeling exhausted and tired like most other plans out there.
  3. One major plus with Brian Flatt program is the promise that it won’t take long to start seeing significant results. Based on the positive testimonials of people that have gone through the program and a lot of before and after pictures presented in The 4 Week Diet official websites, following the guidelines in the program seems to yield the promised results. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of The 4 Week Diet system.
  4. The 4 Week Diet plan can be customized to your body system. Brian Flatt designed the program in a way that can be customized to suit specific individual needs. The program will work for both vegetarian as well as meat eaters.
  5. The 4 Week Diet program involves natural processes without the complications that usually follow many other Diet plans out there.
  6. The 4 Week Diet system comes with the backing of a 60day money back refund policy. If after 60days on use and you don’t see any visible changes Brain Flatt promises to refund your invest in earnest. This means buying the program comes with zero risk on your part. The program is a 28days weight loss program while the money back guarantee is up to 60 days.

The 4 Week Diet Book Review – Cons

  • Brian Flatt program is a digital program and can only be downloaded over the internet. The book is only available in PDF format without option for hard copies. Lot of people sees this barrier. However, it is possible to print the print hardcopies. Also, the fact that the program is available in digital format means you can access the program from anywhere without having to carry any physical bools all around.
  • It is important for anyone with health conditions or overweight to consult their doctor before starting The 4 Week Diet program.
  • The 4 Weeks Diet plan is not free. You still have to pay certain amount to access the program. However, the program is much more affordable compared to hiring a personal nutritionist or having to visit an expert.

The 4 Week Diet Plan PDF Reviews

Reviews and Comments on Brian Flatt 4 Week Diet Plan

A number of people have gone through this program and report about it effectiveness in achieving weight loss within short period of time. Likewise, a number of reviewers have made recommendations concerning The 4 Week Diet system. While answering the question on whether The 4 Week Diet system is a Scam, Margot Taylor of Friendly Look made a conclusion that “All the features and facts about this book point to one thing- it is NOT a scam” Here is what Rita and Alex of Reviews Factor have to say about Brian Flatt program.” If you simple want a realistic Diet plan that doesn’t involve undergoing dangerous methods, then The 4 Week Diet is a great option for you to consider” The team of reviewers on “SantaClaraCountyLib” also consider The 4 Week Diet program as a health program that is “worth every pretty penny – if not more”. May other users and customers have also giving positive reviews and recommendation on this special Diet plan by Brian Flatt.

Conclusion of our Review of The 4 Weeks Diet Plan Program

After careful assessment, we believe The 4 Week Diet Plan is a program that is worth checking out for the following reasons.
1. It promised results within short period of time. Brian Flatt promised the users will see significant weight loss within 28 days. This means you don’t have to invest too much time into the program before knowing if it is working or not.

2. Many positive praise and positive feedback from many reviews of the program.

3. The program offers a 60 day money back guarantee. This means if you don’t see results after following The 4 Week Diet Plan for 28 days, you can still request for a refund. As a result buyers have zero risk for buying into the program.

However, there still certain steps to follow to get desired result with this program. The 4 Week Diet plan is not a magic pill that can help achieve huge weight loss within one or two days. There is need to be discipline with both the Diet plans and the short workout plans to get the promised results. So, it is important to be realistic with expectations from the program. It is also critical for anyone with existing medical conditions to consult with their doctor before embarking on The 4 Week Diet Plans.

In general, if you are someone looking to safely and quickly lose weight and willing to follow the realistic Diet and workout plan, or if you are someone is search of a total body transformation within short period of time, then The 4 Week Diet PDF Download is for you.

The 4 Week Diet Plan Reviews download

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