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1 Week Diet: 7 Ways To Eliminate Body Toxins To Shrink Belly Fat

Dieting as a method of losing weight has always been the boon of many weight loss plans. It has always been a widely known fact that making certain adjustments to your food timetable can be useful to anyone who wants to lose weight.

This has apparently led Brian Flatt, the author of the 3 week diet and pioneer of the 1 week diet plan, on to developing a weight loss method that concentrates on dieting. His well-researched methods have captured the interest of many who often end up testifying of how his diet plan works like Indian talisman.

So far, the 1 week diet plan has revealed some of the many ways to eliminate body toxins to shrink belly fat. A few of them will be reviewed in this article.

7 ways to eliminate body toxins to shrink belly fat

Here are the 7 secrets Brian Flatt wants you to know about below:

  1. Avoid Excess Sugars

This is the principal measure to take if you are really interested in getting rid of your excess stomach fat. Brian Flatt’s 1 week diet menu is highly optimized to drastically cut down on food contents that are high on sugar; this includes some varieties of fruits like bananas, pineapples and sugar beets.

Candies and refined foods are considered to be problematic, snacks too are abolished. Another area one needs to carefully be on the watch for is in beverages and refined foods. Excess sugars are considered to be toxic as long as the 1 week diet plan is concerned.

2. Eat more proteins

Most people know that proteins are important for bodybuilding and tissue repairs but will be completely at sea when they hear that protein consumption is effective for weight loss. Eating lean proteins is considered to be one of the most comfortable ways to eliminate body toxins to shrink belly fat.

Proteins to an extent are viable alternatives for carbohydrates because they do synthesize glucose from their macro-molecules. However, excess consumption of proteins is known to be harmful to the kidneys. All the same, the 1 week diet menu is there to save the day.

3. Go low on carbs

This is also aimed at addressing the sugar problem. If you truly desire to have a flat stomach, keep carbohydrates miles away from your meal plan. The author highly recommends this.

Carbs are the body’s main source of fuel, which means the body depends on the breakdown of carbohydrates and its subsequent release of energy to carry out life functions. When carbs are not available, fats and oils are used instead.

This simple biochemistry of the human body points out the reason why you don’t need carbs. They make you retain excess fats when you should be burning them.

4. Exercise to burn more fats

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The author’s work also features a 1 week diet and exercise plan, which hammers on the fact that dieting and exercising are complementary ways to eliminate body toxins to shrink belly fat. And when we talk of exercise, we are more interested in workouts that will burn fat quickly.

During exercise, the body will require extra energy to retain balance, hence the more rapid breakdown of fat for the needed energy. Apart from the abs workout, where the exercising centers on, general exercises are also recommended since they contribute to the overall well being of the body.

5. Reduce your alcohol intake

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There is no other worse toxin that inflates your stomach like alcohol. Besides promoting the accumulation of stomach fats, many alcoholic beverages like beers contain substantial amounts of sugar that are not good for you. Alcohol is also toxic to your liver. Reducing your intake of alcoholic beverages should come around having 0-2 bottles at most in a week. For the best 1 week diet results, do not have alcohol at all!

6. More veggies

Vegetables indirectly promote the burning of stomach fat; they are needed in the body as a necessity rather than as a supplement. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals that are crucial to metabolism, hence having an adequate supply of them will hasten a fat burn-down in your body. Without them, even the 1 week diet and exercise plan will fail in giving you desirable results.

7. Follow the 1 week diet meal plan strictly

Being disciplined with your meal plan is the threshold of overcoming overweight. It is the only way anyone would take to ever get the best out of the 1 week diet plan. No matter the variety you might crave for in your diet, it is best you stick with the author on the program.

Brian Flatt did not get his ideas from the wind. The powerful ways to eliminate body toxins to shrink belly fat that he shares with all are actual methods that he had tried out for himself. Many others had tried them out and are grateful for their choices. It is highly recommended that you do likewise.


In conclusion, let’s have a look at some FAQs about the 1 week diet.

What Is Brian Flatt’s 1 Week Diet About?

The 1 week diet is a seven days program that features mainly an adaptative diet adjustment which holds the promise of an instant, steady and rapid weight loss.

Especially through the burning of stomach fat and other excesses that keeps one out of shape. In simpler terms, it is a weight loss program where you adapt to the specialized feeding pattern to achieve tremendous weight loss within a 7 days interval.

Learn everything you need to know about Brian Flatt 1 Week Diet

Participants of this program are always confirmed to have lost from 6-11 pounds within the one week period. Amazing, isn’t it? Moreover, the mechanism of the program functions with some sort of exactitude as a 1 week diet for weight loss invariably gives you corresponding 1 week diet results. So you can keep it cycling until you are satisfied with your weight.

What Benefits Can One Derive From The 1 Week Diet?

With weight loss being at the center of the program’s pros, the 1 week diet still proves to be an excellent booster of sex drive and general body energy. It brings you in touch with a new form of vitality and agility that you never knew existed. It eliminates the risk of suffering type 2 diabetes for anyone who practices it.

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